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India post official customer service

India post contact no: 011-23620144
India post website
India post online mailing form

India post number formats:

Here you can find typical India Post tracking number appearance:

Speed Post (EMS) Domestic - EE123456789IN
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India - EE123456789XX
Electronic Money Order (eMO) - 000000000000000000
Registered Mail - RX123456789IN
Express Parcel Post - XX000000000XX.

India Post – the Hugest Postal System in India

Being the customer of India Post, you will surely start searching India Post International tracking service to monitor your mail or postcard. If yes, k2track will avail you to track every document sent via this company. Besides, it operates round the clock and provides the clients of this company with the best India Post Tracking services.

About the Corporation

This is the biggest postal system in this country, which is operated by the government. Furthermore, this postal system is regarded as the most prevalent one in the world.
It has a good experience of operation because it was founded approximately 150 years ago. During these years, the company succeeded to create a well-run logistics system. Besides, earlier and nowadays this department of posts has been serving as the background of the communication between the citizens of the country.
Furthermore, it played a significant role in the economic and social evolution of the country. Every citizen of India constantly uses the services of this company. Besides, India Post Tracking service allows them to check every stage of shipment online by dint of the India Post tracking id.

The Company’s Mission and Values

This is a responsible company and having entrusted your letter to it; you can be sure that it will be shipped on time.
Over the years, it has worked out its strategy and now India Post is motivated by the following values:

• A human touch is of prime importance;
• To be a reliable company, providing excellent and useful services (India Post Tracking Package service is one of them);
• To show professionalism, honesty, and integrity; Though the principle mission is to provide exclusive services to the citizens of India, the company has other priorities as well.

They are as follows:

• To keep the position as the hugest postal network countrywide;
• To provide all types of services rapidly and on value-for-money basis;
• To provide its employees with good operating conditions;
• To attain the goal of the financial self-sufficiency;
• To develop an excellent system of standards.

The Services of India Post, Including India Post Tracking System

Primarily, this company specialized in mail delivery only. However, nowadays this is the hugest postal company, offering all necessary types of services.
They are as follows:

• Mail. You can either send or receive any mail via India Post. Mail monitoring service allows customers to monitor the stages of delivery, using India Post tracking number.
• The shipment of parcels. You can deliver packages to every corner of the country. Besides, you can order the expedited shipping. Courier tracking service is also available online.
• Banking,
• Money transfer,
• Insurance.

India Post is the one company, serving to any customer, regardless of his or her wishes and location.
k2track is an irreplaceable tool for those, who cooperate with India Post and other express companies. Using your unique tracking code, you can control where your package, mail or money transfer is now. This website deprives you of all worries, concerning the delivery process.

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