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Canpar official customer service

Canpar contact 1-800-387-9335
Canpar website www.canpar.ca
Canpar online mailing form

Typical Canpar tracking number:

D123456789012345678901 or D12345678901234567890 or D123456789012345678 (1 letter plus 18, 20 or 21 numbers)

A Wide Choice of Services offered by Canpar Couriers

On this webpage, you can find Can par tracking system, allowing you to reduce the time taken to the expectation of your parcel. Being the client of Canpar Courier, here you can track down where your delivery item is right now. Just type in your tracking code, and the system will generate a report within several seconds.
Our service, which comprises information about all major express companies, provides you with the report, containing information about the exact locality of your package at any time convenient for you.

About Canpar Company

More than forty years of experience made this company the leading one on the market of delivery services. Nowadays, Canpar team has approximately 2000 employees, dedicated to creating solid working relationships with the customers of the company.
To deliver packages cost effectively and perfectly the company is working on the product development, customer service, and technological upgrade. In Canada, this company is a rather popular one. More than 20 000 customers select it for their convenience.
This company caters for Canadian provinces and the continental United States. From a small firm it grew into a huge company, comprising more than 60 terminals. Besides, the company thinks about the convenience of their customers and provides them with the free Canpar track service, allowing clients to trace their delivery items using their Canpar tracking numbers.

What Kind of Services does the Company Offer?

The organization understands the shipping requirements of the customers. During the years of its operation, they managed to create a perfect system that offers customers a good service, the possibility to trace parcels using Can par tracking service and the best customer service.

The spectrum of services is as follows:

• Ground. If you seek reliable but economical deliveries, this type of facilities is for you.
• Select. The best choice for rush shipments. Your delivery items will be shipped the next day.
• Express. This is an expedited and guaranteed shipment in Canada. This service is new and was created not so long ago. The cost of shipment fully depends on the province you need to deliver.
• Select USA. The company guarantees on time delivery to the continental U.S. With Canpar track service; you can monitor the delivery process at any time.
• International. Canpar shipping service is available for the citizens of more than 200 countries.
• 10AM. By this service, the company guarantees mid-morning shipment. It means that the courier will deliver your goods by 10 am.
• Saturday. You can employ this service when you need a weekend delivery.
• Pick-up tag facilities.
• Return to Shippers.

The complete range of services you will find on the official site of this organization. Besides, there you can find the information about all shipping tools, see feedback, fill a claim or trace your package online. In Canada, this express company is rather popular among the residents of this country so that you can trust them your valuable parcels.

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